Hello, I'm Carol!

Over the years I've lived in a lot of places, but you'll currently find me in California. Little Hiker Bird is my comic series about nature, adventure and mental health lead by a little bird trying to life. Drawing comics is one of my favorite things, so I'm so happy to have this opportunity to bring them to you. 

When you purchase from my shop, you're helping me continue my journey creating them. After hearing my phone go CHA-CHING and doing a happy dance, I package orders for the post office once or twice a week. 

For behind the scenes content and extra drawings, you can be a part of my Patreon club. Patreon is a monthly subscription portal that directly supports my comics. The content is exclusive to paid subscribers. I also have a PayPal tip jar for sending me bird seed money if you enjoy my comics. 

I make other art that's not screaming birds too. You can view my personal portfolio here. If you need a freelance project done and think we would be a good fit together, please contact me. 

If you send me a message, please tell me a bird fact. This way I know you're human.

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